Central Bank of Bahrain

Licensing & Registration

Article 40 of the Central Bank of Bahrain and Financial Institutions Law 2006 prescribes that no person may undertake a Regulated Service in the Kingdom of Bahrain unless licensed by the Central Bank. Persons wishing to undertake a Regulated Service must therefore obtain a license from the Central Bank of Bahrain ('CBB') prior to undertaking such activity.

A summary of the licensing process and associated matters, such as CBB license fees, can be found in the CBB Guide to Licensing. Complete details of the CBB licensing process and requirements are prescribed in the CBB Rulebook. Each Volume contains a Module setting out the CBB's licensing requirements, with respect to the sector covered by the Volume in question, including a full description of the relevant Regulated Services.

In addition to the above licensing requirements, persons wishing to carry on the business of an insurance loss adjuster or an actuary must be registered by the CBB in order to do so.

A summary of the registration process can be found in the CBB Guide to Registration. The formal registration requirements are contained in the Authorisation Module of Volume 3 of the CBB Rulebook, which covers the insurance sector.

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