Central Bank of Bahrain


The Central Bank of Bahrain's mandate is prescribed in the Central Bank of Bahrain and Financial Institutions Law 2006.

Article 3 of the law defines the Central Bank of Bahrain's objectives as:

(1) Set and implement monetary, credit and other financial sector policies for the Kingdom of Bahrain;
(2) Provide effective central banking services to the Government and financial sector of the Kingdom;
(3) Develop the financial sector and enhance confidence therein; and
(4) Protect the interests of depositors and customers of financial institutions, and enhance the Kingdom's credibility as an international financial centre.

Article 4 of the same law specifies various specific duties and powers of the Central Bank. They include the issuance of the national currency; the licensing, regulation and supervision of persons undertaking regulated financial services; the provision of banking services to the Government; and managing the Kingdom's gold and foreign currency reserves.

Collectively, these provisions are supplemented by a vision and mission statement.

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