Central Bank of Bahrain

Nomura International plc, UK receives a License from the Central Bank of Bahrain

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 8th January 2018 – The Central Bank of Bahrain (“CBB”) has granted a representative office license to Nomura International plc, UK to operate in Kingdom of Bahrain.

Nomura International plc, UK from its main office located in United Kingdom, a subsidiary of a parent company in Japan and other branches worldwide has provided a wide range of trading in the financial products, including related derivatives. It provides investment banking, advisory and corporate finance services, in addition to asset and principal finance business.

The proposed representative office is expected to contribute in strengthening the relationship with the MENA Region and to engage with existing and potential investors.

In this context, Mr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Bassam, Director of Licensing said the Central Bank of Bahrain welcomes “Nomura International plc, UK” decision to open its representative office in Bahrain for its unique position as a financial hub in the region. He further added that Nomura existence in Bahrain shall, positively reflect on the company’s business and will help in strengthening the commercial and financial relationship between Kingdom of Bahrain and Japan. We are pleased that Nomura is maintaining its presence in Bahrain since 1982".

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