Central Bank of Bahrain


The Central Bank of Bahrain ('CBB') is responsible for regulating and supervising the whole of Bahrain's financial sector. Prior to the creation of the CBB in September 2006, the Bahrain Monetary Agency ('BMA') had previously acted as the sole regulatory authority for Bahrain's financial sector. (The BMA was responsible since its establishment in 1973 for regulating Bahrain's banking sector, and was subsequently given responsibility in August 2002 for regulating Bahrain's insurance sector and capital markets.)

The CBB's duties include the licensing and supervision of banks (both conventional and Islamic), providers of insurance services (including insurance firms and brokers), investment business licensees (including investment firms, licensed exchanges, clearing houses and their member firms, money brokers and investment advisors), and other financial services providers (including money changers, representative offices, finance companies and ancillary service providers).

The CBB also regulates Bahrain’s licensed exchanges and clearing houses and acts as the Listing Authority for companies and financial instruments listed on the exchanges. It is also responsible for regulating conduct in Bahrain's capital markets

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