Central Bank of Bahrain

Tender No. 10/2016: Two years supply of grocery and cleaning items

  1. The Central Bank of Bahrain invites bids for the following tender:


Tender Title

Tender No.

Initial Bond (BD)

Tender Document Fees (BD)

Bid Closing Date

Two years supply of grocery and cleaning items


1% of the total bid

20 Bahraini Dinars

12 noon

25th September 2016


  1. 1. Tenderers who are qualified and capable to participate in the above tender are requested to call Procurement Section/ Accounts Directorate during working hours and collect the appropriate tender documents starting from today and up to 31st August 2016. And, to enclose with the offer the Initial Bond for the percentage specified above provided that the value shall not be less than BD 100/- (whichever is higher). The Initial Bond should be in the form of a Certified Cheque or a Bank Guarantee valid for the duration specified in the tender documents.
  2. 2. Offers should be deposited in the tender box provided at the Ground Floor of the Central Bank of Bahrain Building.
  3. 3. In addition, these following conditions have to be considered:
  4. a. Enclose copy of the Commercial Registration certificate indicating the tender relevant field.
    b. Mention the total tender value and unit price (accordingly)
    c. All tender documents (Original/Copy) submitted with the offers should be stamped with the Company’s official Stamp.

  5. 4. This advertisement is considered to be a supplementary to the tender documents.
  6. 5. Tenderers shall adhere to Resolution (3) for year 2008 approved by the CBB Board of Members, and published in the Official Gazette (Issue No. 2871 dated 27 November 2008), that regulates the Central Bank of Bahrain’s tenders and purchases, in addition to the terms & conditions mentioned in the tender documents.



For further information, please contact Procurement Section during working hours on Telephone no. 17547383(direct) and 17547329(direct), 17547777(Switchboard), 17531930(Fax).

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